Ryan Dugan

Ryan Dugan
NASM Certified Personal Trainer | Group Training Specialist

Ryan Dugan is a NASM certified personal trainer, weight-loss specialist, group training specialist and nutrition coach. Ryan was bitten by the fitness bug several years ago when he realized he may be heading down a path similar to his father's, who died at the age of 35 having dealt with diabetes and heart disease. 

As a result, Ryan began walking a lot and was challenged to run the Boilermaker 15k in 2016. After completing the race he was challenged again to continue his running when receiving an email about the Syracuse Half Marathon in 2017. 

He has now completed 80+ races ranging from 1 mile all the way to full marathons. 40+ of those races were his now favorite distance, the half marathon, taking place all over the United States and Canada. Another 7 of those races have been full marathons, including 5 of the 6 prestigious World Majors Marathons, having completed NYC, Boston, London, Berlin and Chicago, with only Tokyo remaining which he is scheduled to run in March 2024. Ryan works with many people of differing ages, and abilities, as well as different goals. He's been working at the Fitness Mill as a trainer since fall 2020.

Ryan works at the Fitness Mill as a trainer and running coach instructing his Running w/ Ryan class Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8 am.

Running w/ Ryan




8:00 AM rUNNING W/RYAN | Multi Purp #2